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The sunshine isle

If bath-like seas, off-season heat and sheer variety are on your bucket list, the largest and most populous of the Greek Islands won’t disappoint. We love it for its fine sand, extended summers that run from April to October, and hundreds of beaches to choose from. Towards the latter end of the season, snow may even cap the distant mountains. See the Diktean Cave, dine at the local tavernas in the village of Keratokampos, and be sure to visit the island’s turtle conservation area.

Explore Crete


Elafonisi is a tiny islet made up of idyllic beaches reachable on foot from the Cretan mainland. Located off the west coast of the island, the shallow waters of Elafonisi are breathtakingly turquoise in colour.

Elafonisi is about a mile long, with many of the island’s best and least crowded beaches located at the opposite end to the main strip of sand. Make sure to explore the various caves and rock formations scattered across Elafonisi to gain a real sense of the island’s stark natural beauty.

Thrill Seekers and Nature-Lovers

Crete is the ideal destination for all kinds of sports and nature activities. For canyoning and hiking, the gorges offer unparalleled beauty. The largest and most famous is Samaria, with its world-renowned Portes (Iron Gates). Other noteworthy canyons are Amba, Tripiti, Kourtaliotiko, Kamaraiko (the longest), Ha (the so-called ‘king of Cretan gorges’), and Ethias and Eligas. You’ll hike across these landscapes of sublime beauty and diversity and, for off-road and 4×4, you’ll zig zag along Crete’s dirt roads. Meanwhile, the cosmopolitan resorts in both the north and south of the island are ideal for water sports and scuba diving.

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