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THE Neoclassical Island

If the enchanting architecture of Syros (a blend of traditional Cycladic style and neoclassical influences) doesn’t entice you, then the ample dining options certainly will. Set against one of the most stunning backdrops you’ll find anywhere in the world, foodies will be spoilt for choice when selecting a local taverna, complete with endless sampling dishes made from the very freshest ingredients. Walk off your beachside lunch by visiting the hilltop village of Ano Syros, which is set above the main town of Hermoupolis. Here, you’ll find a rich tapestry of history and culture with cobblestone streets leading to the Cathedral of San Georgio, accessible only by donkey for a little extra local charm.

Things to do on Syros


Most beachеs оf Syrοs аre small but sandу аnd suitable for kids as wеll, with trаnsparent blue watеr. The bеaches of Gаlissas and Kini аre thе largest in size, and thоsе οf Megаs Gialos and Agаthоpes – the mοst shallow. Apart from the rеsоrts, yοu cаn find other mоre isοlatеd beaсhes likе Dеlfini, Аbеllа, Komitо and Fаbriкa, уet with eаsy accеss and some оf them with bеасh tavernas аs well. The bеst place for yоung peοplе аnd сouples is Kini, with beach bars and great sunsеt views. On some оf thе beaches parasοls аrе placed and аvailable to usе free оf chаrgе.

Eating out

There are some great restaurants and tavernas on Syros. Here are a few:

Mazi ~ Nestled in a scenic cobblestone alleyway bordering the Miaoulis Square, the cultural hub of Syros, an enchanting garden is turned into the fine dining restaurant MAZI. Boheme Del Mar ~ Enjoy eclectic cocktails, music, and decor in this 15-year-old bar. Big with students at the local universities. Allou Yialou ~ Upscale fish tavern on the long, sandy beach of Kini. Maison de Mezé ~ Homemade, local, and traditional Greek products to take away or eat on-site accompanied by a glass of ouzo. Perroquet Tranquille ~ A pleasant French bistro in Poseidonia. Start with a drink at Ono Beach Bar. Ambela ~ Excellent and unpretentious fish tavern on a quiet beach.

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