How to prepare your property for a winter sale

BY William Bishop


How to prepare your property for a winter sale

Prepare your property for a winter sale with the help of the experts at OB!

BY William Bishop

23rd October 2023

Preparing your property for sale can be a little more challenging once the colder months set in ­­– rooms feel darker and smaller, outdoor space can look less than inviting and unfortunate weather can make viewings feel a little less exciting. Luckily, our property experts host a fountain of knowledge on the important steps to take that ensure your home looks the best it can when showcasing it to potential buyers. For any more advice on buying, selling or letting a property please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.  

Brighten up your curb appeal  

First impressions count when selling your property. Though it might not feel as important in the winter, if you have a front garden, it’s important that this outdoor space is well-kept and presentable. Similarly, it’s equally vital for lower ground flat windows to be maintained as well as the entrance way to be swept and tidy. The idea is to give the potential buyer something to smile about before they’ve even stepped through the front door.  

Cosy things up  

When it comes to what buyers are looking for when searching for a new property, often you’ll hear the same thing – “I want to walk into somewhere that instantly feels like home.” To create that warm and fuzzy feeling that allows a potential buyer to fall in love, it’s important to curate an inviting environment that exudes the right atmosphere. This is especially important as winter arrives, when darker evenings and unfavourable weather can make your viewings feel less than exciting.  

Making the most of lighting  

Before a viewing takes place, getting the lighting just right can make a world of a difference. If you have a daytime viewing, keep the curtains drawn with a few windows open (if the weather allows) so your space feels bright and airy and consequently bigger and fresher. As the darker seasons creep in, an afternoon or evening viewing can ruin the appeal of your home with the lack of natural bright light. To avoid this, turn on all the lights in your house and keep a few candles lit to cosy things up. Also keep in mind that it’s important to be flexible with viewing timings – exclusively showing your property in the evening can lower its appeal.   

Highlight the best parts    

In the winter months, it can become a little harder to show the best of your garden, windows or the exterior of your home. Instead, pay special attention to the features of your house that come alive in the colder weather – think cinema rooms, grand fireplaces, snug living rooms and cosy bedrooms. Light the fire, add some blankets and cushions to the living room and ensure the beds are made before a potential buyer comes and visits.   

Fix any outstanding issues  

An important part of getting your property ready for sale is fixing any obvious issues in the home that become more apparent in winter. Examples include ensuring the drainpipes and roof are okay, you’ve considered draft excluders, and the front and back gardens are as well-kept as possible. It’s details like these that set your home apart from the rest and will win you the sale.  

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