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Oliver Jane

Oliver Jane is a British beachwear fashion business that men can rely on for affordable quality and women can call upon for effortless & contemporary style with a millennial 'athleisure' twist.

OB Private has confirmed an exclusive partnership with Oliver Jane to stock a full range of their products for our guests when staying in Greece.


Vyomm is the first truly modern interactive platform that enables property agents to transform the way prime properties are presented and promoted across digital media, so that buyers and tenants can intuitively find and connect to the home they envisioned.

Through Vyomm, OB Private can create a digital showcase that articulates high-end homes to buyers whilst solving the problem of discretion where the secure distribution of off-market properties is concerned.

We are able to send property details electronically on the app or desktop to prospective buyers in the knowledge that each time a link is sent it can be password encrypted, limited to the number of devices or set to a length of time that the link is able to be viewed by the recipient.

Moreover, Vyomm gives OB Private analytics that demonstrate opening rates, dwell time, opening locations, so we get to understand our customer base far better than any of our competitors.