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If you’re seeking an adventure, look no further than our Kenya escapes. Think magical safari experiences, spectacular white beaches fringed with palms and enchanting coastal towns steeped in Swahili history. Whether on horseback or in a helicopter, it’s a rare opportunity to see some of wildlife’s most endangered species, including the Black Rhino and Grévy’s Zebra. Let’s not forget Kenya is also a paradise for deep-sea fishers and kitesurfers. And, if you have any energy after all that, you can sample the buzzing bars and nightlife of Nairobi.

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Safari & Adventure

The birthplace of safari, Kenya is Africa’s most famous and prized wildlife destination. With endless savannahs teeming with game, indigenous Maasai and Samburu culture, snow-capped mountains, flamingo-filled lakes and pristine beaches – Kenya is the ultimate ‘Out of Africa’ experience. World-class safari experiences and a proven track record of successful conservation over the past 50 years has made Kenya one of our most popular honeymoon and family safari destinations. Laikipia in northern Kenya is one of the best Safari destinations, after the Maasai Mara, with wide open spaces and home to some of the most endangered species on the planet – the Grevys Zebra, Black Rhino and African Wild Dog. Explore the country by helicopter, do a quad bike Safari, camp under the stars and enjoy the plethora of sounds in the night. The opportunities are endless.

The Coast

Filled with an abundance of unique activities and spectacular scenery straight off the pages of the finest travel magazines, Kenya’s tropical beaches are the stuff of dreams. Kenya’s South Coast is renowned for its palm-fringed white sand beaches, such as ever-popular Diani Beach, as well as accessible coral reefs. In the far north of Kenya is the Lamu Archipelago which includes the magnificent islands of Lamu and Manda, always prominent on travel postcards from the region. Lamu Island’s distinct Moorish feel makes for a wonderfully exotic beach holiday experience. This low-key little island has become well known for its Lamu villas – Swahili-style beach houses with large cool living areas and rooftop terraces. The smaller islands of the archipelago provide idyllic and exclusive romantic getaways in the likes of Peponi Hotel and Manda Bay, making it one of the top and exclusive honeymoon destinations in Africa. North of Mombasa you will find Kilifi and Watamu; sleepy fishing villages with a plethora of activities, including Kite-surfing, deep sea fishing and wonderful restaurants. Not to mention the pristine white sandy beaches.

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