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The furthest south of the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos is famed for its clear blue waters, fabulous snorkelling and endless opportunities for family fun. Home to the Peligoni Club, you’ll find plenty of watersports (not to mention parties) to keep your teenagers occupied. Don’t miss a trip to the legendary Shipwreck Beach; it’s also well worth hiring a car so you can explore the island’s hidden tavernas serving unforgettable food – along with some of our favourite sundowners.

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Shipwreck Beach

Don’t miss a trip to the famous ‘Shipwreck Beach’. Named in 2018 as one of the best beaches in the world it is a hot spot for tourists, so we recommend getting up early and beating the crowds.

Eating out

Zakynthos has a wide range of tavernas and restaurants; Madrakia is right on the beach and laid back – perfect for a sundowner or glass of wine at lunch! There is also Mikro Nisi – chill on their sunbeds and feel like you’re in a boutique hotel with private beach. Lunch and dinner you can dine on the fresh catch of the day and have some great wine – worth a visit. They also have a boat rental service if you want to explore the shipwreck! Don’t miss a visit to Windmill Restaurant in Vasilikos, up in the hills!

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