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The beating heart of this area is, of course, the park itself. From rose-covered archways to big green open stretches and the pedalos on The Serpentine, you’ll find it easy to while away the hours in this huge green space.

Hop over the road to Kensington Gardens and enjoy a sneaky pizza or scoop of gelato at The Italian Gardens Café, right beside the fountains of the 150-year-old Ornamental Italian Gardens. Just west of Marble Arch is Connaught Village, home to some of the most exclusive real estate in the city.

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Here you’ll also find a medi-spa, vet, dentist, dry cleaners, Buchanans Cheese Monger (they do great picnic boxes), the Duke of Kendal Pub and several independent fashion boutiques. There are also Hyde Park Stables if you and the family feel like exploring the park on horseback.

The Park

Set right in the heart of London, Hyde Park offers events and concerts together with plenty of quiet places to relax and unwind.

Dip your toes in the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, brave an open water swim in the Serpentine, or visit Speakers’ Corner on a Sunday morning to hear people from all walks of life share their views.

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